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I know a couple of you were looking forward to seeing more of my Nuzlocke adventure in Fire Red and Leaf Green, and chapter 3 is almost here! Sorry for such the long wait, but it has been a rough couple of months, what with work, my birthday, and buying a new computer, along with getting fully absorbed in Alpha Sapphire ><. Once I release Chapter 3 the plan is to release a new chapter each week. That is the plan anyway. Whether or not that plan succeeds due to either procrastination, or myself writing faster than the other two members of the group will play (bastards have their own lives to live. Selfish right? ;P), remains to be seen. But I just wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten, nor do I plan to let it die! 

   "It's so cute!"

   Cadence stood in the tall grass, off the side of the road, alone. She'd left Nathan and Tobias to eat their lunch after taking off after a Pidgey she'd spotted overhead. She crouched behind a nearly rotted stump and smiled. The Pidgey was ahead of her, a decent ways away, pecking at some seeds on the ground. Pokeball in hand, she leaped out and cried, "You're mine, Pidgey!" She threw the ball, which landed a few feet short of the tiny bird.

   Startled, the Pokemon flapped its wings, pushing itself into the air, as Django emerged from his pokeball. "Django, bring it back to the ground with a Water Gun!" The Squirtle opened its mouth and a jet stream of pressured water rushed out with the force of several fire hoses. It arched upwards and hit the Pidgey, which cried out in pain and fell. It hit the ground with a dull, wet smack.

   "Good job, Django!" Cadence pulled out an empty pokeball from her belt and threw it at the Pidgey. It hit the Pokemon, but simply bounced off with a thud. "What the heck?" She walked over to the Pokemon, which didn't get up.

   "Oh no."

   Cadence dropped to her knees in the grass beside the Pidgey, which laid there, unmoving, itswings bent at wrong angles. It wasn't breathing. Tears formed at the corners of Cadence's eyes as she picked up the soaked bird. "I'm so sorry," she whispered. Django stayed still where he was, empathetically bonding with his trainer, feeling her shock at what they did. "I didn't mean to k... to ki..." She shook her head and squeezed her eyes shut.


   Neither Nathan nor Tobias questioned Cadence much beyond an initial "What happened?" when she returned shortly after with red, puffy eyes. She merely responded with a small sob followed by an accusing glare, as if to say, "Don't ask again."  The boys quickly dropped the topic, but soon noticed Cadence's lack of interest in catching any new Pokemon.

   The road to Viridian City from Pallet Town was a short one. They had reached the city in less than a day, at about an hour before sunset. On the way they met a man who was advertising for Viridian Town's, PokeMart. After agreeing to give it a visit, he gave each of them a free Potion as a sample. After arriving in town, Cadence suggested they visit the Pokemon Center, both to give their Pokemon a checkup, as well as request the place to stay for the night that Pokemon Centers often offer trainers.

    "Sounds like a plan. But then I want to visit the PokeMart. It sounds like the items for sale there will be invaluable," Nathan added.

    "Also, I want to challenge Viridian Gym while we're here," Tobias said softly. He'd decided that he'd take the Pokemon League Challenge shortly after leaving his home the second time, after receiving Garnet from Professor Oak. His father had been Champion once upon a time, and Tobias aimed to not only earn that title, but hold it for the longest time anyone ever had.

    "You're looking to challenge the gym?" asked an old man nearby, who'd overheard. "I'm sorry to disappoint you, but that gym has been closed for a long time now. The Gym Leader up and left town months ago and locked his gym behind him." Spotting Tobias' dismayed expression, he added, "While you wait for his return, why not try the other gyms? I'm sure Brock of the Pewter City Gym would be delighted to accept your challenge." The man smiled.

    "This idea cheered Tobias up considerably, who had forgotten momentarily that there was no designated order to challenge the gyms. "Thanks for the advice!" The trio continued walking towards the PC when Tobias stopped. He turned back to the man and called out, "Hey! Anything else I should know about Brock, so I can find a way to defeat him?" The man smiled knowingly and called back, "Just think some about his name." Tobias frowned and opened his mouth to ask what her meant by that when Cadence grabbed him by the arm and dragged him away to the PC, with Nathan following them, laughing.


    "Welcome to Viridian City Pokemon Center! Would you like me to heal your Pokemon back to perfect health?"

    Cadence, Tobias, and Nathan stood at the front counter of the PC. They nodded at the nurse in unison and each handed her their Pokemon. She smiled genuinely and said, "Okay, I'll take your Pokemon for a few seconds." She grabbed the pokeballs and turned and placed them in a machine, which whirred to life. After a brief moment of electronic noise, a loud ding rung out. The nurse picked up the pokeballs and returned them to their respective owners. "Thank you for waiting. We've restored your Pokemon to full health!" She smiled and performed a little curtsy. "We hope to see you again!"

    She began to turn away when Nathan stopped her, "Hang on a moment, we have a question." She looked back at them with a quizzical smile. "Is it possible to stay the night here? We're from Pallet Town and don't have anywhere to sleep tonight." The nurse nodded. "Yes of course! We can definitely accommodate you! Whenever you are ready, I can arrange for three bedrolls to be set out." She curtsied again and says, "I'll see you three tonight," and she turned to the next trainer in line.


    Brock. All I can think of is Rock. Is he a Rock Type trainer? Or is Rock Type what I use to defeat him? But then why would he be named something that rhymes with his weakness? Tobias sat on a rock just outside of town to the west on Route 22. Continuing along this path would take him to Indigo Plateau, where the Elite Four and the Champion waited. But before he could challenge them, he had to earn the right to by challenging and defeating eight gym leaders to receive their badges as proof of his victories.

    But for now, Tobias just needed to take it slow, one gym at a time. Right now, Tobias had one thing on his mind, and that was how to defeat Brock. If his suspicious were correct, and Brock was a Rock trainer, then Garnet would be little use against him. He needed to catch a new Pokemon. 

    As if right on cue, Tobias heard a rustle to his right in the tall grass. He stood up, Garnet's pokeball in hand. He looked over and squinted in the glaring sunlight. The sun was setting at the moment, but it was still shining right on him. Sure enough, Tobias spotted a section of the grass that was shaking where the rustling sound was coming from. He raised Garnet in the air in preparation to throw and start a battle. Just as he did, the Mankey popped out of the underbrush. A fighting type. That should be able to break Brock's rocks. Brock's rocks. Tobias suppressed the urge to snicker at his rhyme like some little kid. He cocked back his arm to throw Garnet out. "Get 'im-"


    It was then that Tobias spotted Nathan, who had just stepped out from behind a nearby tree, hurling his pokeball at the Mankey. It was only then that Nathan noticed Tobias as well, and for a brief moment they locked their very confused eyes. "Tobias?"


    The pokeball landed a few feet from the Mankey and before it opened, Tobias and Nathan shared a look. It was at this moment that something changed between them, forever altering their view of the other, but also hardening the respect they each held for each other. The pop, followed by the hissing sound that pokeballs made when they opened shook them from their world and brought them back to reality as Lily seemed to leap from her pokeball at the Mankey.

    Tobias lowered his throwing arm and took a step back to watch. Nathan nodded in understanding and returned his focus to the matter at hand. "Quick, Lily! Leech Seed!" The bulb on Lily's back pulsed and  then shot several large seeds at the Mankey, hitting it. Nothing seemed to happen, but both trainers knew that wouldn't be the case for long. The Mankey retaliated quickly, however, and with a rage the almost surprised them, rushing at Lily with a series of scratches and swipes.

     She recoiled from the assault, taking a step back, countering with a Vine Whip to push the Mankey away. Suddenly the Mankey glowed green and a beam of energy leaped from it and into Lily, healing her cuts and bruises. "Finish it with a Razor Leaf!" The leaves on her back stiffened and suddenly dislodged themselves, flying at her opponent, giving it its own set of deep cuts. The Mankey collapsed, exhausted.

    "Hah! You're mine now!" Nathan exclaimed, grabbing an empty pokeball from his belt. He threw it at the Manky. It connected and pulls the downed Pokemon into it in a brilliant flash of red light. For a long, tense moment, nothing happened. Then the ball wriggled, a show of the Mankey's stubbornness. Twice more it struggled before the ball let out a ding to let them know it had done its job.

    "Gotcha! I think I'll name her Edith, after my other grandmother. Ornery old bat, she was," Nathan said, more to himself than to Tobias, who sighed and said, "As a thanks for letting you take that Mankey without complaint, you are going to help me find my own." Nathan grinned and clapped Tobias on the shoulder. "Sounds like a deal!"


    "Hey Cadence! Meet Edith and Mac!" they cried upon returning to the Pokemon Center that night. They tossed out their pokeballs, summoning the Mankies. They were still exhausted after being thoroughly beaten and caught. Cadence, noticing this, rolled her eyes and scolded them, "Morons. The poor things are barely able to stand. Nurse!" A Pokemon Center nurse hurried over. "Please take good care of these Pokemon. They've earned it." The nurse nodded and led the Mankies away by the hand.

    Nathan smiled sheepishly and Tobias looked down at his shoes in shame. Shaking her head, Cadence grabbed two of the three bedrolls that the nurse had brought her earlier and tossed them at the boys. "Get some rest, idiots. We leave for Pewter tomorrow." Tobias unrolled his bed and laid it out over a bench, silent in his guilt. He had hoped he would have been better than this, but he'd been so excited when he caught Mac that he ended up neglecting the Pokemon and its needs. Never again.

"First thing after breakfast, you mean," Nathan corrected. Cadence sighed, laying down. "Fine, but pack some food too. It's a long way through Viridian Forest."

    That night, they slept, dreaming. Nathan dreamt of his future as a Pokemon Breeder, alongside Lily, who, for some reason, could speak. She would tell him botanic secrets about the best herbs to use to make the happiest Pokemon.

    Cadence dreamt that she was a brand new Water Type Pokemon and was ferrying her trainer overseas to a distant and magical land, full of hope that it would be full of other new Pokemon to learn about and befriend.

    Tobias dreamt he was the Pokemon League Champion, fighting his first challenger. It was his father, but instead of sending out a Pokemon to do battle with Garnet, he sent out Tobias' little sister, Sam.

    When they awoke the next day, Tobias got up, not feeling very rested.
~NUZLOCKE~ Chapter 2
Here is chapter two, finally! Click here for the previous chapter! And click here for the very beginning, the prologue!

Hope you enjoy, and feel free to comment and such (obviously).
   "Tobias! Time to get up! Professor Oak is waiting for you!"

   Light fills his room and penetrates through his eyelids, filling his vision with the color red. Tobias rolls over in bed, groaning and pulling the blankets up over his head in a vain attempt to shut out both the light and his mother's voice. An impossible feat to be sure. Shortly after, his mother leaves his room and shuts the door, leaving him to silence, save for his breathing and her muffled footsteps. It doesn't last, though, when he hears the screen beside his bed on his wall flicker to life and a voice say, "Toby."

   "Hey Dad." Tobias blinks open an eye and peeks out from under the covers at the image of his father on screen, meeting his father's dark eyes with his own.

   "Your new life is about to begin, and you're still sleeping," his father said, in the flat tone that parents take on when they are disappointed in their offspring. Even through the screens, he was still an intimidating man. "Your sister has already begun her journey, and she is three years younger than you. Take some initiative."

   Tobias sighs and sits up, his black hair a mess of tangles and cowlicks. Sam. His sister recently left Kanto on a ship to go live with their father in Johto. She had always been far more ambitious than he had, so they had never gotten on very well, causing him to be glad when she left.

   Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, Tobias sits up. "Sorry Dad." He swings his legs out of bed and stands. He was of slightly taller than average height, and quite thin, though strong. "I'll call you when I've left Oak's." He pulls on his sweater and pants and opens the door.

   "Professor Oak's. Show him some respect. And alright. I love you."

   "I love you too, Dad." He steps out of his room and closes the door. He never called him.


   "Thanks for breakfast, Ma! I'll come back real fast to say goodbye after I've left Oak's!" he called back, looking behind him and waving to his mother. She was smiling and waving back to him. Her eyes glistened with tears held back. They had been there when he'd hugged her earlier. She was a master at maintaining her composure. After two, and now three of her family leaving, she'd better be.

   It was a lengthy enough walk to Professor Oak's laboratory, and Tobias was already late. The other two were probably gone, having chosen their Pokemon and received Oak's blessing. The thought dismayed Tobias, but he pushed the idea away. They were his friends. They wouldn't leave him behind, right? He grinned. Of course they wouldn't.

   He quickened his pace, just in case.


   He was almost in a flat-out sprint when he burst through Oak's laboratory doors. "Sorry I'm late!" he called out, doubled over and panting, pausing between each word to take a breath. As the task became easier for his lungs to handle, he stood up and took in the scene before him. Oak stood in the center of the lab beside a large wooden table. On this table rested three pokeballs, each on their own stand. Accompanying each is a small screen depicting the Pokemon contained within. Leaning against this table, talking to each other, were two others, a boy and girl. The boy stood a couple inches taller than Tobias, was a bit heavier set, and had lighter hair. He wore a white sweater and blue jeans and a grin. The girl was a little shorter than Tobias was and sported her long black hair in a ponytail. She turned to look at him with her bright blue eyes and smiled. Nathan, the boy was a year older than Tobias, who himself was sixteen, while Cadence, the girl, was a year younger.

   "Toby! I'm so glad you made it!" Cadence cried, while Nathan folded his arms and smirked in his direction. "Finally. Sleeping in again, eh?" He gives Tobias a friendly punch in the shoulder. Rubbing the point of contact, Tobias mutters softly, "What? I like sleep. Is that so bad?"

   "Well I, for one, am happy you're here Toby, especially now that we can choose our first Pokemon," Cadence added excitedly. "Right Professor?"

   "Right indeed, Cadence.You and Nathan know everything, but please bear with me while I catche Tobias up to speed." The professor turns his attention to the latecomer. "You know you are about to embark on a wondrous journey, but before you do, you must choose your first Pokemon, who will not only protect you from harm and serve as your friend, but they will teach you the true meaning behind what it is to be a Pokemon Trainer."

   He turns to face the table and gestures to the first pokeball there. "This is the Grass Pokemon, Bulbasaur. Of the three, it would seem it is the easiest to train." On the screen, the Pokemon slept soundly with what looked like a smile.

   Next, Oak positions himself behind the second pokeball. On screen was the shell of a Squirtle. It's head and limbs were retracted, only its tail visible, twitching in sleep. "This is the Water Pokemon, Squirtle. This Pokemon, while definitely more independent than Bulbasaur, is still easier to tame than our third and final Pokemon. Speaking of..."

   He takes a step over behind the final ball. On the screen, the Pokemon would appear to be sleeping, were it not for one eye peeked open. Tobias thought its eye looked like polished garnet. "This is the Fire Pokemon, Charmander. Of the three it is the most difficult to raise, requiring great amounts of patience to form even the most trivial and basic of friendships."

   "Now," continued Oak, "the time has come at last, to choose your Pokemon." Tobias looked from one Pokemon to the other. How could he choose? They all seemed perfect.

   Thankfully, Professor Oak solved that problem for him. "Cadence, since you arrived so early today, you may choose first. Nathan, you may go next." Oak looked at Tobias and said, "And the latecomer may have the remainder." Noticing Tobias' look of wonderment as he studied each Pokemon, Oak smiled and added, "Which I think is fine with him."

   Cadence, who had been watching the Squitrle's twitching tail, reached out and grabbed its pokeball. "I choose this one!" She smiled and looked lovingly down at it. Wow, Tobias thought. She already loves her Pokemon so much! The screen attached to the Squirtle's empty stand went black.

   Next, Nathan stepped forward and placed his hand on the Bulbasaur's pokeball. He said nothing about his choice as he removed it from the stand. Its screen also went black. Oak smiled approvingly and looked to Tobias. "That leaves the Charmander for Tobias."

   Tobias picked up the pokeball, watching the Chamrander on the screen. In the brief moment before it went black, the Pokemon appeared to be watching him with that big, dark red eye. Then the screen finally went dark.

   "Congratulations all of you on obtaining your very first Pokemon. Would you like to give them a nickname? Some trainers like to name their Pokemon in order to increase the bond between them."

   Tobias thought about it. What could he name his Charmander? Then he remembered its...her eyes. The way she looked at him. Like a polished garnet. "Garnet," he muttered. As he did, he felt the ball twitch in his hand, as though she'd overheard him and approved of the name. "I'll call her Garnet."

   Oak smiled and nodded. "Beautiful and strong. A fitting name for a Charmander." He looks to the other two and asks, "What about you two? Will you name your Pokemon?"

   Nathan shrugs, but grins. "I suppose if he's doing it, sure." He holds up his pokeball and says, "I'll name her Lily, after my grandmother." Oak nods his approval. "And an apt name for a Grass type Pokemon." Looking at Cadence, he asks, "What about you?"

   She looks thoughtful for a moment, then puzzled for two. "I don't quite know yet. I do like the name Django though...." Her pokeball wiggles a little in her hand, causing her to jump a little. Oak laughs and says, "It would seem he likes it." Cadence nods and smiles, looking down at it. "Django it is then."

   "Very well! Cadence and Django! Tobias and Garnet! Nathan and Lily! Your new lives have just begun and your new adventure is about to unfold! With you new companions, there is nothing that is impossible! Go see where the road takes you!"

   The three of them grinned at each other. Nathan folded his arms. Tobias ran his fingers through his hair. Cadence grabbed their hands and led them out the door at a run, and nearly tripping out of excitement. Oak waved after them.
~NUZLOCKE~ Chapter 1: Beginnings
Be sure to click here for the Prologue and enjoy! Chapter 1 of the Nuzlocke: Beginnings!

Click here for the next chapter!
   "No," he whispered.

   The Pokemon fell to the ground, unmoving. Not even the rise and fall of its chest to show it was still breathing. A heavy silence closed in around Tobias as he realized the truth.


   The Dragonite stood tall over its fallen foe and roared in triumph. Lance's smile quickly turning into a look of shock and horror as he realized what he'd done. Tobias knelt beside his companion, throwing his arms around him, but it was no use. His best friend lay dead in his hands. "No no no."

   Lance looked down at his communicator and opened a channel to the Pokemon Center. "Get up here now! We need help!" A sound caused him to look up. A familiar sound. The sound of a pokeball opening and a Pokemon being summoned. Lance looked up to see a very angry looking Charizard and Tobias facing him and his own Dragonite down. Tobias was glaring at him, panting, tears rolling down his cheeks. Lance shook his head, holding up his hands. "Tobias, I am so sorry. I forfeit. You are the Champion."

   Tobias closed his eyes, squeezing out the last tears of anguish. "No, I'm not." Shaking his head, he opened his eyes and looks right into Lance's, his Charizard's tail flame reflecting brilliantly off them as he continues to glare with a deadly determination that Lance found unsettling.

  "Not yet."

  All Tobias had to do was point at the Dragonite, and his Charizard did the rest, flapping its powerful wings, Launching itself forward. Its claws glowed blue as it roared in anger. Tobias only realized later that he had been roaring right alongside his Pokemon.
My two friends and I are simultaneously playing a nuzlocke playthrough of Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green, recording our progress, and then I turn what we do into writing, that I plan to post here, chapter by chapter. I hope you enjoy, and thanks!

Next Chapter here!

Rules of our Nuzlocke:

1) Pokemon must be named
2) You can catch any Pokemon you like (no legendaries [may be changed later]) only have 6 Pokemon
3) If your Pokemon faints, it is considered dead, and must be released (we have a few exceptions to this rule, so as to keep the novel fun and interesting)

Exceptions to Rule 3 are:
a) If you are in a Pokemon League sanctioned battle (i.e gym leaders, Elite Four, or Champion battles) when your Pokemon faints it has only a small chance that it died outright from the attack.
b) If you are in a city and battling, your Pokemon also has a small chance (not as small as League battles) to die as well. (Exceptions to this are Team Rocket battles.)
c) If you party wipe (lose all your Pokemon), roll a die with a number attached to each Pokemon. Whatever number it is, that Pokemon survived. However, your character disappears from the story for a while to "go train in the mountains alone," as it were.
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Free Bird Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Reading: Artemis Fowl
  • Watching: Kingsman
  • Playing: Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
  • Eating: Chocolate Donuts
  • Drinking: Root Beer
I know a couple of you were looking forward to seeing more of my Nuzlocke adventure in Fire Red and Leaf Green, and chapter 3 is almost here! Sorry for such the long wait, but it has been a rough couple of months, what with work, my birthday, and buying a new computer, along with getting fully absorbed in Alpha Sapphire ><. Once I release Chapter 3 the plan is to release a new chapter each week. That is the plan anyway. Whether or not that plan succeeds due to either procrastination, or myself writing faster than the other two members of the group will play (bastards have their own lives to live. Selfish right? ;P), remains to be seen. But I just wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten, nor do I plan to let it die! 


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